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Birding Formosa – October 2015 Trip Report

Spectacular Taiwan from sea level to 10,000+ feet above

Guided by Richard Chen (birding@taiwan), Eddie Bartley & Noreen Weeden

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On this ten day birding adventure with a focus on the 20 plus endemic bird species we explored the exotic and bountiful natural beauty of Taiwan from city parks and lowland marshes through marble gorges to alpine wilderness. Along with the fascinating wildlife we also experienced the exquisite cultures, fabulous foods and world famous hospitality of the Taiwanese people.





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Taiwan Recon: Babbling about Wulai

This afternoon was spent traversing north to Wulai, a popular hot springs resort town and another great place for birds. Upon arrival we took a brief walk from our guest house and quickly added a number of good birds to our trip list: Plain Flowerpecker, Bronzed Drongo and very colorful Varied Tits. Other species present…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: Serpent Eagles rule!

Crested Serpent Eagles (Spilornis cheela) are the most conspicuous of raptors seen on the island. Throughout the mountains from low to high we often heard and regularly saw this mostly dark broad-winged eagle catching a thermal or deeply flapping. Today we had time for a visit to the Xindian–Guanhsin Wetland area, one of the primary drinking…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: getting the 411, birding the Lowlands

Ah, the benefits of modern communications. On or about December 16, 2014 a critically endangered according the the International Union for the Conservation of Nature(IUCN), Siberian Crane showed up seemingly out of nowhere in a northern Taiwan wetland, the island’s first ever record of this species. Our guides (who had seen the juvenile bird numerous…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: tale of the Pheasant trail

Our very knowledgeable guides brought us much good fortune, at times extraordinarily so. We spent a fair amount of time waiting and wishing for a glimpse or longer of three endemic ground birds: The Taiwan Hill Partridge, Mikado and Swinhoe’s Pheasants to magically appear out of the forests. There are a few well known locations along…Continue Reading

Taiwan recon: sharing spring

March in Taiwan, as in our home state of California, includes a good number of lingering “winter birds” plus a few early migrants along with the colorful year-around residents. The guides were regularly receiving updates on their “smart” phones from friends about the latest sightings and rarities. In the prime birding areas we would run…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: a most delicious melting pot

Taiwan’s rich cultural history began over 10,000 years ago! Since then many subsequent waves of people from Austronesia , China, Portugal, Japan,Holland, Spain, England, the Americas and other parts of the world have left their influence and their genes. Today Taiwan is one of the most modern and productive societies on earth. They have world class…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: Islandisms

Island or “Insular” Biogeography is a theory and field of study that examines the phenomenon of species richness and diversity in isolated natural communities. The theory, conceived by ecologists Robert H. MacArthur and E.O. Wilson in the 1960’s, proposes that immigration and extinction determine the number of species in an island habitat and that surviving immigrant species…Continue Reading

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