Nature 411

Since childhood the folks at Nature Trip have had a fascination of the natural world and we love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm not only through Nature Trip outings but also in the classroom and lecture hall. Along with on going classes (primarily about birds) we also offer a wide range of informative and entertaining Natural History, citizen science, conservation and advocacy presentations.

Through our affiliations with the leading wildlife research and conservation groups in California we attempt to keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest fast moving nature sciences and conservation issues that surround us both locally here in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the larger world.

Want to know more about birds and other North American Wildlife? Check out our current line up of Classes.

Would your group enjoy learning about the evolution of plants and animals in the San Francisco Bay Area and how California was formed? Ask us about our Natural History Presentations.

Interested in more specific features such as Raptors or Mammals of California or perhaps wildlife exotic places we’ve visited? Our Wildlife Focused Presentations may be of interest.

Would you like to learn about conservation issues, methods and successes or how to attract more wildlife to your backyard or neighborhood? We have experience in these areas and have developed a wide range of presentations on these subjects. Check out the subjects of the Conservation Oriented Presentations we have already designed or contact us about creating something specific for your group.

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