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“Living the Lifers” in South Texas: April 2016

Our annual 10 day adventure to South Texas is timed to blend the Gulf of Mexico spring migration phenomenon with excursions through the distinctive sub-tropical habitats of the Rio Grande Valley to observe unique wildlife, especially the avifauna that exists no where else in the U.S.

Birds such as the stunning Green Jay, the plucky Altamira Oriole, the secretive Olive Sparrow and over 25 other specialties are possible.  The Rio Grande Valley, with its wonderful variety of habitats, is the only place many of these birds can be seen in the U.S.

Cerulean Warbler - always a thrill to see one of these uncommon beauties!
Cerulean Warbler – always a thrill to see one of these uncommon beauties!


In April 2016 we experienced some of the best diversity we’ve had in years on “A South Texas Adventure” detecting 232 species of birds including 26 neo-tropical warbler species. A slightly earlier than typical start to the tour allowed us to find 30 shorebird species We also enjoyed many, many butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and mammals and relatively robust bloom as the 10 year drought has subsided in South Texas.


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  • Altamira Orioles add color to A South Texas Adventure

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