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Taiwan recon: sharing spring

March in Taiwan, as in our home state of California, includes a good number of lingering “winter birds” plus a few early migrants along with the colorful year-around residents. The guides were regularly receiving updates on their “smart” phones from friends about the latest sightings and rarities. In the prime birding areas we would run…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: a most delicious melting pot

Taiwan’s rich cultural history began over 10,000 years ago! Since then many subsequent waves of people from Austronesia , China, Portugal, Japan,Holland, Spain, England, the Americas and other parts of the world have left their influence and their genes. Today Taiwan is one of the most modern and productive societies on earth. They have world class…Continue Reading

Taiwan Recon: Islandisms

Island or “Insular” Biogeography is a theory and field of study that examines the phenomenon of species richness and diversity in isolated natural communities. The theory, conceived by ecologists Robert H. MacArthur and E.O. Wilson in the 1960’s, proposes that immigration and extinction determine the number of species in an island habitat and that surviving immigrant species…Continue Reading

“Marching” through Middle California

  The first two days of March, in between two all too short weather systems, we found ourselves on a Nature Trip to the Grasslands National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) and the always fascinating Panoche Valley. Early on the 1st day of the new month we made the quick drive to the San Luis NWR but,…Continue Reading

Nature Trippin’ Texas Raptors

Nature Trip guides have been visiting and leading “exploratory ” adventures to Texas for many years as we plan some exciting trip packages in the near future. Along with super hospitality, this grande state has a lot to offer nature lovers and those seeking beauty in its wild open spaces. The birding is excellent! Add colorful resident…Continue Reading

Southwestern Florida in Winter – 2010

An exploratory Nature Trip to the Tampa Bay Area, Lee County and Corkscrew Sanctuary Jan. 27 – February 2, 2010 1st stop: Ft. DeSoto State Park – a spot famous for migrating songbirds – ponds along the isthmus drive were loaded with divers. Mostly Redheads but also Scaup, Ring-necks, Ruddys and a few Mallards. Common Moorhen were common, perhaps more so than Coots. Ain’t…Continue Reading

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