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Fall Migrations: Shorebirds of California Class 2018

Greetings participants of the 2018 GGAS Fall Migrations:Shorebirds of California!
Here is where you can find information related to the course as well as downloadable PDFs of the presentations.

A quick word about sharing and media content: I would prefer that the downloadable documents not be shared outside of the students of this course for a number of reasons. Media content: Most all of the photography is my own (Eddie) and when by others, is noted. There are one or two photographs that I’ve been provided with for personal or educational use from researchers but have lost the original photography credits for. The Black Oystercatcher chick is the only one I can think of but there may be others that are too cool or too cute to not include. Have attempted to always note authors of specific research studies, other data is from personal observation or a compilation of information gathered during reading.

Thanks again for participating in the class, looking forward to continuing the research of our fascinating shorebirds with you!

Relatively common along the California Coast, the global population of Black Oystercatcher is under 20,000

Class Description: Fall Migrations: Shorebirds of California

Aug 23 through Sept 16
Fort Mason, SF
Fall Migration is fantastic in the SF Bay Area and shorebirding in particular is world class. By late August, hundreds of thousands of “wind birds” have winged their way from their northern breeding grounds to the globally significant San Francisco Bay – a key portion of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.
In three 2 hour classroom sessions we will focus on the amazing evolutionary adaptations, life histories and identification techniques of the 30 plus species of shorebirds that reside, pass through in migration or overwinter in California. On three Sunday field trips we’ll have opportunities to view and focus on this order but not at all ignore the myriad of other fall migrants and resident birds that we will encounter. Inclement weather will postpone field trips.
(There’s a break after the first class and field trip due to Labor Day, but participants are encourage to participate in World Shorebird Day that weekend.)
• Three Thursday evening classes, Aug 23, Sept 6, 13 – 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
• Three three-hour Sunday field trips, Aug 26, Sept 9, 16.
• Instructor: Eddie Bartley,
• Limited to 24 participants
• Location: Fort Mason in S.F., Landmark Building C, Room C210. Parking, for a fee, on site.

Our first field trip on Sunday August 26 will be at the Hayward Regional Shoreline, meet at 9:30 AM at the Grant Avenue entrance.

The address for your phone GPS is 2639 Grant Ave, San Lorenzo, CA 94580.

Directions: From the north, take HWY 880 S. Take exit 30 toward San Lorenzo. Continue straight onto Embers Way, staying in the right lane. Turn right onto Hesperian Blvd and after 0.1 mile turn right onto Grant Avenue. In 1.8 mile, the EB Parking lot is on the right.
BTW: The description of getting to the site on the EBRPD webpage is old and in error. The Washington St exit no longer exists.

The meeting area is the parking lot described above, and shown on the map at the top, near San Lorenzo Creek. We return to the parking lot around 12:30 PM.
The EB Park description for Hayward Shoreline and a map is here:

Apologies but due to the large data size of the presentations they are split up into mini-sessions of both the Natural History and the family portrait segments. The first session requires 7 separate PDF uploads. The Natural History segments are named NH1-1, NH1-2, etc. The Family portraits are part 1, part 2, etc.

Presentations in order of presentation:

Fall Migrations Shorebirds of CA 2018 NH1-1

Fall Migrations Shorebirds of CA 2018 NH1-2

Fall Migrations Shorebirds of CA 2018 NH1-3

Fall Migrations Plovers 2018 Part 1

Fall Migrations Plovers 2018 Part 2

Fall Migrations Plovers 2018 Part 3

Fall Migrations Plovers 2018 part 4

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